We are able to produce analysis and reports to cover a wide range of business needs. These have included some of the following:

Business Model Exploration and Idea ValidationExploring the socio-economic and socio-technical viability of ideas and business models.
Stakeholder Needs and Requirement AnalysisAssessing stakeholder needs and relationships. Identifying, documenting and analysing requirements including quality assurance, and solution impacts.
System Performance and ReliabilityAnalysing systems constraints, failure modes, and reliability metrics for business and technical systems.
Program Risk and Optimisation AssessmentsAssessing potential program delivery risks. Identifying potential gaps and opportunities against program objectives

Producing advice, analysis, and reports usually entails the following process

  1. Some sort of discovery workshop. Depending on circumstances that’s either one of our Rapid Evolution workshops or something tailored to your objectives (like a phone call).
  2. A review of available academic and non-academic literature.
  3. Establishment and potentially agreement on the analysis approach. Usually based on best practice in the respective area, but sometimes based on new approaches from research or developed specifically by us for your circumstances.
  4. Seven secret herbs and spices. Well not quite, but we do bring our own tools, methods and experience to each report.

Overall, this means a lot of thought and work can go into even a 2-page analysis or cursory phone call. To make things easier, we have a set of common formats that might suit your needs.


We produce a number of tailored analysis reports around common themes. These reports are consistent in look and feel but are tailored to your specific idea, challenge, or business circumstance. These include but are not limited to:

  • Kickstart Explorer: A two-page analysis of a particular idea or challenge
  • Initial Program Assessments: A 5-6 page gap, risk, and opportunity analysis for projects, programs, and businesses.
  • Technology & Innovation Plans: A 12-page roadmap and architecture analysis. Exploring 3-5 the year landscapes for business, innovation, and technology programs.

Off the shelf

From time to time, we produce ‘off the shelf’ analysis reports in common problem areas. These are provided at a significantly reduced cost. At the moment, talk to us about what you might need, and we can discuss whether we have such a report or are willing to produce one for you.


While we have produced more detailed reports in the past, we don’t always recommend it. When it comes to detailed analysis, our experience is the 80:20 rule becomes a factor quite quickly. We would generally recommend a top-down approach focussing only on the analysis that’s required.

Talk to us about your specic needs though and we can discuss a solution that is going tomake sense.

More Information

Whether it’s off the shelf, tailored, or bespoke, talk to us about your specic needs and we can discuss a solution that is going to make sense for you.