Who should I refer to you?

We help our clients explore those pragmatic, effective solutions they haven’t considered yet. Maybe they would have found them eventually. We help to accelerate the process.

We’ve worked directly with CEO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, General Managers, Technology Leaders, Product leaders, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Other Consultants and Subject Matter Experts to help them find a path


If in conversation you hear one of these keywords, you might want to go “Ah huh, you should talk to Craig!”

Frustrated, fatigued, not sure, uncertain, disruption, stuck, stagnated, concerned, over budget, over time…

You get the idea. When it’s time to do something different, we help get them there faster.

What sort of problems do you solve?

Some of the work we’ve performed our with clients include:

  • Project Recovery & Maintenance: Your project has gone off the rails, is about to go off the rails, or you want to avoid it going off the rails. We’ve worked with a variety of clients to keep things heading in the right direction.
  • Business Acceleration: Taking a business idea or concept through the next stage or barrier can sometimes be tricky. We’ve helped clients break their problems apart and find new opportunities they hadn’t even considered.
  • Business & Technology Maturity: Both startups and established business can be held back by a lack of process maturity. We look at finding the minimum amount of process needed to help them achieve quality outcomes.
  • System Performance and Reliability: Whether it’s technical or procedural, systems need the right level of performance and reliability to support the business. We work with clients to understand and deliver on those needs.

How do you work with your clients?

What we find works best is an integrated learning approach in either coaching, advisory, or workshop setting. When we help our clients help themselves, we find the results are much more powerful. Our approach can include a combination of one on one coaching, facilitated workshops and online training using the frameworks, tools and methods we’ve built up over the years.

We have in the past performed detailed bespoke analysis to specific problems. We still can, but there are pro’s and con’s so let’s have a discussion on whether that’s right for you.

What’s the best way to put them in touch?

First off, thank you for thinking of us! (or me). Most if not all our business comes through a referral of some description. We are grateful for every single one of them.

The best approach would be to book them into an explorer discovery (free) or explorer kickstart (paid, but more extensive) call where we can get the ball rolling on their particular needs. Alternatively, head to the Connect tab at the top of this page and select a method that would best suit.