We offer a number of retained service options for our customers. Clients will often engage us on a lighter, but more permanent option to get continued access to our thoughts and ideas, or to help ensure successful delivery on their part.

Across our engagements, we have supported team members at every level, within organisations big and small. What we bring to all of them is a multi-domain non-conformist mindset to their specific problems and challenges. We question the status quo and are not afraid to tell it like it is.

ExecutivesFounders, CEO’s, Sales executives, Product leaders, Tech leaders have all sought our advice. We have even supported clients in pre-sales meetings and other activities with their customers.

We support executives who recognise the need for a different view on multi-domain problems or to quickly establish deep domain knowledge for specific issues.
ConsultantsConsultants and boutique consulting firms are typically experts in their field. Challenges arise when the problem sits beyond their specific capability and expertise. We have supported them with research and analysis in finding a path forward.
Start-upsFounders and start-up teams are often challenged by knowledge and time. Understanding what it is they don’t know and find the best approaches to move forward. We provide a critical outside perspective and help inject some maturity into their delivery processes.
Tech TeamsTech teams can have a very specific view of the world. It is not uncommon for teams to continuously re-invent the wheel in response to the challenges they face.

Further, with the pressures of time, teams will often apply practices over principles. Applying concepts they do not fully understand.This can lead to costly learning and re-work cycles.

We have supported teams by helping accelerate this understanding. Proactively identifying issues that may lay ahead and coaching them through the process of addressing them.

Packaged Services

Most of our retained service offerings have come bundled with a variety services. Whether its a set number of reports, workshops or clinics, or client engagements. We try to ensure bundled deliverables are as clear as possible so you know what you are getting

More Information

All retained services are based on a target value relative to the value created for your business.  We can easily discuss an option that will make sense for you, within your budget and other specific needs.